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Monday , January 20 , 2014
CIMA Gallary


TT: You have come for a cardiology camp on the invitation of Raj Hospital in Ranchi. What is your take on heart diseases?

Singh: Heart diseases are on the rise. Even youngsters in their 20s are found to suffer from them

Why is it so?

Lifestyles are sedentary, food habits have changed and stress levels have gone up

Stress perhaps canít be avoided.

Stress can be avoided by exercise and meditation

Do yoga, pranayam and other breathing exercises help?

Yes, they do

What is the ideal food habit to aspire for?

A balanced diet with less oil and fat, fruits and vegetables of different colours, nuts such as almonds. Avoid junk and processed foods.

What about exercise?

Everyone is sitting in workstations before the computer screen for 10 or 12 hours at a stretch. This is why it is more important to find out a little time, say even half an hour a day, to exercise

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Uneasiness, heaviness on chest, as if heavy weight has been put there, and cramps on arms are some symptoms. Elderly people sometime also feel difficulty in breathing

Some symptoms like uneasiness are often confused with gastric problems.

Yes, unfortunately that is the case. Many people even try self-medication. So, in the case of an actual heart attack, it delays treatment and causes damage to heart muscle. Timely and correct intervention is very important as it can save your life

What do you suggest?

What s the harm in consulting a doctor and getting an ECG done? Itís not a costly affair but tells the patient if he or she has a real problem. If not, great, but if yes, the patient should be transferred immediately to a proper facility

A popular online message suggests that in case of heart attack, the patient should be asked to take deep breaths and cough vigorously till medical help reaches him. Does this help?

Iíd suggest the patient should take an aspirin tablet and be rushed to hospital. That will surely help