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Sunday , January 19 , 2014

An honest instability

One of Akira Kurosawa’s best films is Kagemusha, set in 16th-century Japan. In it, a thief, who is a dead ringer for the assassinated warlord Shingen, is trained to impersonate the chieftain to keep up the spirits of his army and to strike fear in the enemy troops. Interspersed between bravur...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Dusty victory
Sir — I visited Eden Gardens on the last day of the recent, hotly-contested Ranji Trophy quarter fi ...  | Read.. 
Peeping Toms
Sir — The spy-game unleashed by the Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, to catch corrupt officia ...  | Read.. 
Forgotten fragrance
Sir — Ruchir Joshi’s article, “Winter debauchery” (Jan 12), is true so far as Calcutta is concerned ...  | Read.. 


There is an unusually strident refusal on the part of the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, to name her party’s prime ministe...   | Read..
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Why should her lover, just because he is male, be in a position to judge her against other women? Why must she need to know her position and hate needing to, and hate knowing? Why should his reply have such exaggerated power?... The exchange reminds her that, in spite of a whole fabric of carefully woven equalities, they are not equal in this way that is so crucial that its snagged thread unravels the rest. — NAOMI WOLF