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| Sunday, January 19, 2014 |

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The Wednesday syndrome

Call it the war within. The entertainment industry is in a churn, what with legal suits being filed every week. Kavitha Shanmugam and V. Kumara Swamy explain why | Read»

Sex in London and Paris

The French love a fresh croissant after a night of passion, as demonstrated by President François Hollande and his beautiful mistress, Julie Gayet. But the British, says Amit Roy, prefer to turn their scandals into musicals | Read»

Postcard from a village

The Aam Aadmi Party's Kumar Vishwas is drawing crowds in Amethi. Sonia Sarkar reports that his plank is the lack of development in Rahul Gandhi's constituency | Read»

Sing a song of bad pence

Lyrics that focus on violence and sex can be harming your child. Varuna Verma says that abusive words in songs can lead to aggressive behaviour | Read»

'People in Delhi have a weak idea of society'

Rana Dasgupta's third book Capital: A portrait of 21st century Delhi was released in India this week. This is the British-Indian writer's first non-fiction book. His earlier works, Tokyo Cancelled (2005) and Solo (2009), made him Britain's best novelist under 40. The 42-year-old won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Solo in 2010. Excerpts from an interview with Smitha Verma before the release of the book | Read»

How green is my terrace

Rising vegetable prices have prompted people to grow their own plants in terraces and balconies. Reena Martins discovers that some keen gardeners have halved their vegetable bills | Read»