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Friday , January 17 , 2014
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Dimna thrills with boats & surfboards

If you are game for some waterworks this chilly weather, head to scenic Dimna Lake to enjoy the motor boat ride like many fellow Jamshedpureans, courtesy Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF).

Nearly 900 residents have taken the trip after the TSAF started offering motor boating and other water sports such as rowing, canoeing and surfing on December 8, 2013, for interested people. Earlier, these were reserved for employees of Tata Steel and sister concerns.

“The response has been tremendous. People are coming in good numbers for motor boating. The number of people who have enjoyed the ride till Sunday is exactly 898. Adventure junkies are opting for adrenaline pumping water sports,” said TSAF secretary P.P. Kapadia.

A collective fee of Rs 750 for a half-an-hour spin on a six-seater boat has been fixed. Water sports such as rowing, canoeing, rubber rafting and water surfing also have fixed rates, but on an individual basis. A person will pay Rs 50 for a 30-minute stint in any of these sports.

The response is so strong that many are left waiting.

“We are entertaining people on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is advisable that interested people contact us on 8092565470 in advance so that we can accordingly work out the schedule with the water sports wing at Dimna that conducts boating rides and water sports,” Kapadia added.

The water sports wing of TSAF at Dimna, which was revived in 2012, has two six-seater motor boats, two each for rowing, canoeing and rubber rafting and three boards for water surfing.

What makes Dimna water sports cool is that a rerun of the Ranchi Bada Talab boating tragedy, which killed four persons, is unlikely. If the charges and timings are fixed in Dimna, so are stringent safety measures.

According to Kapadia, no compromise is made when it comes to safety.

“Participants are given life jackets and experienced instructors are guiding the rides,” he added. “Safety is our primary concern and we are not taking any chances. We want people to enjoy the ride and return home safely.”

“TSAF has done a wonderful job by opening motor boating for public. I took my family on Sunday and we really enjoyed the trip,” said Bhuvan Prasad, a student of Jamshedpur Co-operative College.

Homemaker Shradha Singh of Mango said she had been to Dimna for a picnic recently and decided to enjoy the ride in the afternoon. “My whole family had a nice time. The instructor was very co-operative,” she recalled.

But Jamshedpur residents are more interested in motor boating than adventure sports like water surfing.

“Few are taking to water surfing. I guess fear factor plays a huge role. Hopefully, people will gradually start trying these out,” said instructor Som Mardi.

Telco-based businessman Sudhanshu Bhagat confessed his fears. “I was keen to do water surfing, but opted for motor boating with my family once we reached the venue. Honestly, I was afraid. But I will surely try it one day,” said Bhagat.

Will you try out water surfing at Dimna Lake?


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