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Thursday , January 16 , 2014
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Michelle won’t rule out plastic surgery

Washington, Jan. 15 (AP): Michelle Obama turns 50 later this week, and she is not ruling out future use of plastic surgery or Botox.

The First Lady told People magazine in an interview hitting newsstands on Friday, her birthday, that women should be free to do whatever they need to do to feel good.

Obama adds that she doesn’t imagine resorting to plastic surgery or Botox but that she’s also learned to “never say never”. The First Lady has never missed a health checkup, including a mammogram or Pap smear, and has had a colonoscopy.

As for diet and exercise, Obama says she doesn’t “obsess” about what she eats but makes sure to include fruit and vegetables. Her workouts have also evolved to include things like yoga that she says will keep her flexible.

“And as everyone knows, I do exercise.” Her “Let’s Move” campaign to reduce childhood obesity rates through the combination of exercise and healthier eating enters its fifth year next month. Her workouts have also evolved from weight-bearing and cardio exercises to include things like yoga that she says will help keep her flexible.

Asked whether she has peaked at 50, Obama joked that being First Lady is “pretty high up”. She said she’s always felt that her life is “ever-evolving” and she doesn’t have the right to “just sit on my talents or blessings”.