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Tuesday , January 14 , 2014
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Science a way of life

Rocket launch to scientific salads, La Martiniere for Girls Globus Orbit International Science Youth Forum was a truly versatile event. Among the most popular events was the botanical treasure hunt where participants were given clues that led them to a tree they had to name. Principal Lorraine Mirza said the idea behind the initiative was “to get children from different schools together and get them thinking beyond textbooks and also to help them think about their future”. “We are glad we forced the children to think and in turn I think they surprised themselves and us with their ideas,” she said.
The Lakshmipat Singhania Academy Science Mela saw senior school students displaying their aptitude in physics, chemistry, biology and robotics. From robotic sumo wrestlers and a light-sensor car to a wind charger for mobile phones and a mini hydraulic crane, the exhibition boasted several innovative models. “I learnt a lot. The event was both informative as well as fun. Each group had different topics and ours was stem cells. The whole group worked as a team,” said Yash Rungta, Class X. Principal Meena Kak lauded the efforts of the students. “The students have all worked very hard for the science mela. This time we asked them to collect information on various topics. Also, we have introduced robotics classes and the products of this class are really interesting,” she said.

Eat healthy and live healthy was the message at a science fair hosted by Bridge International School. “The idea came to me when I saw students eating chips and fast food indiscriminately. Had I given them a lecture they wouldn’t have cared to listen. That is why I made them build models and charts. This way they have had a hands-on learning experience,” said Sutapa Lall, head of science at the school. Children demonstrated how various artificial colours used in fast food can harm the digestive system. “A lot of companies use colours to make the food look attractive but that is not at all healthy,” said Abijah Crawford, Class VIII.

Text by Samabrita Sen and Showli Chakraborty
Pictures by Sayantan Ghosh, Bhubaneswarananda Halder and Arnab Mondal