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Tuesday , January 14 , 2014
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Wheel locks to drill parking sense

- Police collect Rs 50000 from drivers in just a week for traffic violation

Errant drivers, beware!

The days of parking haphazardly on the city roads are over. If you still want to take a risk, be ready to get your car or bike wheel locked and cough up a fine of Rs 600.

Alarmed by the growing menace of wrong parking, the police have started applying locks on a wheel of any four or two-wheeler parked in a no-parking zone.

The scene in front of a liquor shop in SK Puri late on Sunday evening proved why the drive has to be an out-and-out success with the men-in-uniform raking in Rs 50,000 from fines so far.

A traffic police constable suddenly stepped out of a patrol vehicle holding two wheel locks in his hands. Within moments, all cars parked on the road in front of the shop, a no-parking zone, disappeared. “We received the supply of wheel locks only a few days back and they have done the trick. People parking their vehicles wrongly have started to notice our major drive with the wheel locks,” the constable told The Telegraph.

Senior police officers said around 100 wheel locks, each costing around Rs 2,500-Rs 3,000, have been sourced from New Delhi to crack down on people parking their vehicles and bikes wrongly.

Speaking on the drive (see graphic), a deputy superintendent of police rank officer told The Telegraph: “The drive is being at randomly conducted at different places in the city. It has been almost a week since the drive has been started and more than Rs 50,000 has been collected from fines. However, the regular practice by issuing pink slips to a driver in absentia also continues.”

Residents have hailed the drive’s success in reducing traffic congestion.

Anjan Anuj, a resident of Kadamkuan, said: “Breaking traffic rules is a common affair in the city. Wrong parking is one among the biggest problems, which plague the traffic and pedestrians. This would definitely help in reducing the number of violations. The police should get more such equipment and carry on with the penalties.”

Speaking on the success of wheel locks, another police officer said: “The locks are simple to use and have proved to be very effective till now. We procured these equipment last month (December). They have been distributed among sectors-in-charge, sub-inspectors and some police stations.”

The fine may increase too. “While booking a driver for any traffic offence, we check documents like driving licence and registration of the vehicle. If any motorist is found not carrying the same, the fines add on,” said an officer.

On the regular method of fine collection, a police officer said: “If the driver of any wrongly parked vehicle is in the car, the fine is taken immediately and a receipt issued to him. In case of absentia, a slip stating the offence and the fine is attached to the car windscreen. The slip carries details of the officer he can contact and pay the fine to him or at collection centres at spots like Dakbungalow roundabout.”


Wrong parking fine

Rs 600

How to get your vehicle released if its wheel is locked?

Look for a slip stuck on the windscreen of your vehicle. It will have the mobile
number of the officer you have to contact to pay the fine

You need to call up the officer and reach him to pay the fine

The police team would be close by for almost an hour to ensure the driver doesn’t have to travel far

Fine success

More than Rs 50,000 has been collected in a week

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