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Saturday , January 11 , 2014
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Techies roll out zero-pollution, dynamo-power tricycle

- Wait for vehicle to hit market after modifications, then pedal, apply gear and zoom away at 40kmph

Those agog at the escalating fuel prices and environment pollution can take heart. Indian Institute of Technology-Patna students have manufactured a zero-pollution tricycle empowered with a gear system.

Once put on gear, the tricycle, with two tyres in front and one in the rear, can run at a maximum speed of 40kmph.

The budding techies from IIT Patna will be displaying their product at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference at IIT-Delhi.

They plan to launch the vehicle in the market after some modifications later.

The biggest advantage of the vehicle is it needs no fuel to run, a dynamo powers its speed, and has safety features which makes it a safe vehicle for even elderly people.

Explaining its salient features, Abhinav, a student of IIT-Patna said: “The vehicle has been designed in such a way that the rider can feel comfortable while driving it.”

The tricycle’s seat is in a slanting position so that a rider can remain relaxed throughout the journey. There is enough legroom for the rider, all the way from his seat to the handle. Also, as security features, the vehicle is fitted with seat belts and a rollover protection system (RPS).

Abhinav said: “The tricycle is fitted with RPS facility. During an accident, rolls attached to its either side would protect it.”

That apart, the tricycle has two suspensions so that the one behind the wheels does not encounter any major jerks or discomfort while speeding on this peculiar-looking vehicle.

The techies began working on the tricycle in September 2013. They first finalised its design and then worked on the vehicle. They are going to exhibit it at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference in New Delhi, being organised in India for the first time, from January 17 to 19.

Nakul Bansal, another IIT techie, said: “We have test-driven the vehicle on the tracks of our institute campus and could run it at over 65 kmph. However, on normal roads its speed can’t exceed 40 kmph.”

The third year mechanical branch student further said that because of the special security features, namely the rolls, even an elderly person can enjoy a ride on this one without facing any kind of hassles.

The techies spent Rs 25,000 in manufacturing the vehicle but claimed if it is launched in the market and produced on a large scale, the cost would definitely go down.

Also, IIT Patna on Friday started its three-day workshop on short-term course on ‘Employability Skills and Success at Workplace’. The chief guest at the function was Vijoy Prakash, principal secretary, planning and development. At the workshop, speakers will talk about ways to enhance the skills of people at their workplace.

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