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Monday , January 6 , 2014
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Cold respite for kids, but exams on

The district administration on Sunday ordered closure of all schools till January 9 owing to the cold.

Schools (most were to reopen on Monday) will now open on Friday.

However, there is no respite for pre-board exams. The district administration order says the schedule of pre-board examination would not be affected. Instead, schools concerned have been asked to change exam timings keeping the cold wave in mind.

Notre Dame Academy, which was to open on January 8, got two days’ respite. But every day matters in this biting cold. Dinesh Kumar, an associate professor of psychology whose two daughters go to Notre Dame, is a relaxed man after hearing the news.

He said: “I was afraid to send my children to school in such cold weather, but now that the date has been extended, it is good.”

While the parents are relaxed, some, if not all, students see it more as an extended winter vacation.

Abdul Ahad, a Class IV student of Don Bosco Primary School, said: “It’s no less than a wish coming true. I was praying to God that the school remains shut for a few more days and the almighty has answered my prayers. It doesn’t matter if it is too hot or too cold for me to step out and play. I just wanted a few more days of holiday and this has happened. I couldn’t have asked for more.” His school was set to open on January 6.

Swadha Shankar, a Class IX student of St Joseph’s Convent High School, wants more. She would be happier if the vacation is extended till Makar Sankranti on January 14.

Swadha said: “Waking up in the morning and getting ready for school is quite unbearable in these winters. I was praying that the vacation is extended and this has been heard. Also, we had not finished the projects we were supposed to work on during the vacation. But this extended vacation would help us finish them.” Swadha’s school was to open on January 6. Her parents are equally happy.

Meeta Singh, whose daughter goes to the same school as Swadha’s, said it was really important for the schools to extend the vacation period.

Meeta said: “It was not just children who had to suffer, having to wake up early and get ready for school. It was no less taxing for parents like us.

“I, too, had to wake up early to cook food for her while her father had to do the same to drop her at school. The whole family had to suffer and take a shorter nap because of the early school. Not sending her to school would have resulted in her missing out on studies and not giving her homemade food is something I, as a mother, would never have done. After all, she spends hours at school and with so much pressure of studies and so much need to apply her brain, it was only wise that she should not depend on fast food.”