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Saturday , January 4 , 2014
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Legislator apes AAP, shuns SUV

Hayaghat MLA Amarnath Gami is following in the steps of Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) or at least, he claims so.

On Thursday, he did away with his sports utility vehicle and visited his constituency, riding pillion behind a party worker on his motorcycle.

Gami toured his constituency and visited Hawsha and Sidhauli panchayat under Ashok Paper Mill police station of the district.

No security guard accompanied him as he visited areas that were once a Naxalite stronghold. In fact, Gami has decided to do away with his government security guards very soon.

“I have three security guards. I will do away with them soon. If required, I will manage with just one guard. It would lessen the financial burden on the government. I would rather live as a common man than a rich politician,” he said.

He also said he would travel by train to visit the district headquarters from his home in Hayaghat, about 15km southeast of Darbhanga town.

The MLA, who won on a BJP ticket from Hayaghat in 2010, snapped ties with his party about three months ago.

He told The Telegraph: “The AAP has shown politicians a new way and every politician should learn from it. We see a new political undercurrent in Delhi where the AAP reaped 28 Assembly seats. We expect a great change in the political scene as people are looking for a fresh face that is honest, dedicated to work and ushers in a corruption-free society. I am fond of the way AAP functions and am trying to imitate it in Darbhanga.”

An octogenarian Hayaghat resident said on condition of anonymity: “Elections are not far off. It is time for politicians to adopt winnable strategies to fool the innocent voters. How and when these leaders will change colour, nobody knows. Not a single politician really wants to change society or uplift it. Gami is no different from them all.”

Laheria Sarai resident Raj Kumar said: “If politicians intend to bring development after cutting expenditure it’s a good initiative, as Gami has shown. But to what extent he can succeed lies to be seen, as politicians tend to turn soft before the elections. Let us see what politicians do after the elections.”