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Friday , November 29 , 2013

Japan, S. Korea defy China air zone

Japanese and South Korean military aircraft flew through disputed air space over the East China Sea without informing China, officials said today, challenging a new Chinese air defence zone that has increased regional tensions and sparked concerns of an unintended clash....   | Read..

Bieber in Aussie graffiti row

Justin Bieber has been asked to clean up his mess by the mayor of the Gold Coast in Australia after the Canadian pop star spray-painted the wall of a hotel during his “...   | Read..

Louis Vuitton told to pack bag

If Lenin were alive today, instead of spinning in his mausoleum nearby, he no doubt would be aghast at the two-storey replica of a Louis Vuitton travelling trunk on Red S...   | Read..

Nepali Congress stakes claim to form govt

The Nepali Congress, which emerged as the largest party in the Constituent Assembly polls, today staked claim to form Nepal’s new government but said it was open to wor...   | Read..

Lanka begins counting its war dead

Sri Lanka began counting the dead from its 26-year civil war today, less than two weeks after the island nation came under intense international pressure to investigate alleg...   | Read..
A file picture shows a Japanese patrol plane flying over the disputed islands in the East China Sea. (AFP)
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