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Wednesday , November 20 , 2013

A long fascination

Her Majesty’s recently appointed deputy high commissioner in Chennai is Bharat Joshi. His counterpart in Mumbai is Kumar Iyer. Appointed to his post this year, like Joshi, Iyer is not even from the FCO. Appropriately for Mumbai, he comes from the Treasury and was prior to that appointment with the ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Future tense
Sir — In his article, “Where India is headed” (Nov 11), S.L. Rao makes a comparison between the reg ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — In one of her press briefings, the chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, asked that if potato sell ...  | Read.. 


Illegal immigrants all over the globalized world are in a difficult grey zone between use and abuse. They are the ‘useful’ un...   | Read..


Out on bail, Pervez Musharraf — Pakistan’s former president and army chief — would have slipped quietly out of the country, a...   | Read..
Real world
Who, whom, which, and that: the four words that start most relative clauses, short and simple wor...  | Read.. 
Out of bounds
The protection of women against sexual violence continues to be a hot button issue in India. As the Supreme Court and the government deliberate on more and more amendments to ...  | Read.. 
Legal Faqs
Q: Over the last couple of years, stray dogs have multiplied in our locality. They dirty the streets with their excreta and scatter garbage from the vats. Their barking keeps ...  | Read.. 
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