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Tuesday , November 12 , 2013

Unaffordable longevity

Till a century or two ago, people could be reasonably sure of dying early and in harness, so they did not have to worry about how they would get through old age. The rise in living standards and reduction in sickness have created the problem of a second childhood: people are at risk of living beyond the age when they can support and look after themselves, and of becoming dependent. Luckily, there is a correlation between standards of living and longevity; societies that bear higher burdens of caducity also have greater resources to bear them. The rich countr...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Hands tied
Sir — Manmohan Singh was under immense pressure as some of the parties within the coalition governm ...  | Read.. 


Between votes in Tamil Nadu and foreign policy imperatives, the prime minister has chosen the former. It would perhaps be fai...   | Read..


Politics in the Maldives is getting more and more predictable. After the presidential elections were botched twice, there wer...   | Read..
Follow the Dream
Goa was hot and humid but utterly civilized. One felt released from the dirty politics pervading India that every television ...  | Read.. 
Old violations in the no fire zone
“Our guilt is killing us,” argued a middle-aged and self-described Tamil-British woman. She lost 17 members of her family to what she claimed were targeted disappearances, an ...  | Read.. 
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