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Wednesday , October 30 , 2013

Sharing the prize

Continuing the domination of Americans in the Nobel prize list, three Americans share the 2013 Nobel prize in economics. The members of the Nobel prize committee for economics have decided to honour Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen of Chicago University (top), and Robert Shiller (bottom) of Yale Un...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Unhealthy move
Sir —The state government’s decision to provide route permits to motorized cycle vans or ‘vanos’ ha ...  | Read.. 
Too loud
Sir — I read the article, “Wi-fi wake-up call for airport” (Oct 22), with considerable interest. ...  | Read.. 
Under threat
Sir — I am deeply disturbed to know that the population of sloth bears in the Daroji bear sanctuary ...  | Read.. 


What Bengal thinks today may no longer be the stuff of what India thinks tomorrow. But things could be different at times. ...   | Read..


All is well if it ends well. The dictum is bound to be very close to the heart of Sri Lanka, which is looking ...   | Read..
Divide and rule
The eighth and final accused in the Kamduni rape and murder case was arrested recently. The arrest and the chief minister...  | Read.. 
Towering trouble
Niru Bhutoria, 40, a resident of Natraj Building on Lord Sinha Road in Calcutta, has splitting headaches every other day. Other residents of the building too suffer from some ...  | Read.. 
Legal FAQs
Q: On April 3, 2013, I had deposited an account payee cheque and other required papers at our post office to open an account under the senior citizens’ savings scheme. My pass...  | Read.. 
A girl calls and asks, “Does it hurt very much to die?” “Well, sweetheart... yes, but it hurts a lot more to keep living.” — CHUCK PALAHNIUK