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Wednesday , October 30 , 2013

Europe and Asia linked under water

Turkey opened the world’s first underwater rail link between two continents today, connecting Asia and Europe and allowing Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to realise a project dreamt up by Ottoman sultans more than a century ago....   | Read..

Indian behind critical US tweets

When self-criticism, that dreaded Communist tool which felled countless Soviets, East Europeans and Chinese in the Stalinist and Maoist eras, reared its head in Washingto...   | Read..

Obama may ban spying on allied leaders

President Barack Obama may ban US spying on allied leaders as part of a review of intelligence gathering, a senior Obama administration official said today amid a diplomatic ...   | Read..

Now a kiss isn’t just a kiss

There are activities common to most humans that we enjoy immensely, without much thought, and as frequently as opportunity and instinct provide. On occasion, researchers ...   | Read..

Xinjiang tied to Beijing crash

Chinese authorities investigating what could be Beijing’s first major suicide attack were searching for two men from Muslim-dominated Xinjiang today after three persons...   | Read..
Passengers wait inside a train to cross the Bosphorus Strait after the Marmaray rail link was inaugurated in Istanbul on Tuesday. (AP)
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