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Sunday , October 27 , 2013

The singer and his songs

Bengal and the music of India’s popular imagination are twinned. Our patriotic music is, in its greatest and best part, derived from that part of the country. The national song, “Vande mataram” (1882) and the national anthem, “Jana gana mana” (1911), gifted to us by Bankimchandra Chatt...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Exotic East
Sir — Clichés about the Orient are still very much alive. I recently watched the Hollywood m ...  | Read.. 
Naming ceremony
Sir — Ramachandra Guha’s article, “The politics of memorials” (Oct 19) gave a rare insight into the ...  | Read.. 


Perceptions can be misleading. Going by perceptions within India at the present moment, the rating of Manmohan Singh as prime...   | Read..
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Next to the defeated politician, the writer is the most vocal and inventive griper on earth. He sees hardship and unfairness wherever he looks. His agent doesn’t love him (enough). The blank sheet of paper is an enemy. The publisher is a cheapskate. The critic is a philistine. The public doesn’t understand him. His wife doesn’t understand him. — PETER MAYLE