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| Sunday, October 27, 2013 |

7 days

Bon appétit

Quick, what's the hottest business in town? Restaurant chains. Entrepreneurs — big and small — are rushing in for a piece of the action. Varuna Verma zeroes in on India's new restaurant kings and their expanding empires | Read»

Once upon a time in Bombay

Nonagenarian Rachel Manasseh, who grew up in Bombay when Baghdadian Jews were a thriving community in the city, has written a book that captures the history of the people. The project was a labour of love, she tells Shrabani Basu | Read»

Sweet dreams are made of this

A sadhu's dream about buried gold has prompted the Archaeological Survey of India to conduct a dig in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. T.V. Jayan on the latest research on the relation between dreams and our waking life | Read»

Radio gay gay

QRadio, an online radio station launched last month, aims to give a voice to India's LGBT community. Manjula Sen listens in | Read»