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| Sunday, September 22, 2013 |

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Sex and the virus

Doctors have long held cigarettes and alcohol to be factors that lead to some kinds of cancer. Now they warn that oral sex could be another reason for oropharyngeal cancer, says Sharmistha Das | Read»

When Eartha met Edwina

Eartha Kitt had wanted to meet Jawaharlal Nehru because she was looking for 'another Gandhi', says a new biography of the singer-actress. Instead, writes Amit Roy, she found Edwina Mountbatten in Teen Murti House | Read»

The big fight

Can a member of a political party be a part of the University Grants Commission? Smitha Verma joins the debate | Read»

Glimmer of gold

With the Supreme Court order to restart Bharat Gold Mines Limited, Kolar Gold Fields, a mining township near Bangalore, may soon rise and shine again, says Varuna Verma | Read»

The maverick academic

A new book explores social scientist Ashis Nandy's theories on secularism and throws light on why he is often a polarising thinker, says Hemchhaya De | Read»