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Wednesday , September 18 , 2013
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Tiger fight

Tapan Piyada. Picture by Bibhas Lodh

Calcutta, Sept. 17: Armed with just a stick, a fisherman fought a tiger in the Sunderbans on Sunday and lived to tell his tale.

Tapan Piyada, 28, had cast his net to catch fish and crabs in the Matla on Sunday afternoon when he was attacked by the tiger.

Ten other fishermen from his village, Deulbari in South 24-Parganas, had also gone to the Benifeli forest area with him in a boat.

While Tapan waited with his net, he felt somebody watching him from the back, and turned.

“In a flash, a tiger jumped on me. It went for my throat, but I swerved to the right,” Tapan told his friend Janmejoy Mondal later. “The tiger missed my throat but grabbed my left arm. It started dragging me into the forest.”

Tapan shouted to alert the other fishermen. He told his mates later that he did not let the tiger pin him to the ground or bite his throat.

Janmejoy said: “Tapan somehow shook himself free and beat the tiger with the stick he had with him. The animal took a few steps back, but lunged at him again.

“Tapan again struck the tiger with the stick. The duel went on for a few minutes till we arrived and beat the tiger with our sticks and chased it.”

When the other fishermen came to the rescue, the tiger had already managed to move a little distance into the forest, having dragged Tapan along.

After the fishermen chased the animal, it ran away, leaving Tapan with a bleeding left arm and shoulder.