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Friday , September 13 , 2013

Cutting coat according to cloth

Communal riots in Assam, devastating floods in Bihar, Odisha and other north-eastern states have had an effect on Bengal, more particularly on Bankra of Howrah. The Rs 1,000 crore garment industry in Howrah’s Bankra, one of the biggest garment ...  | Read.. 
Pen, ink and brush
Those who follow news on TV are familiar with this hack, who regularly reports from Howrah. Sunit Haldar, by profession, is a reporter from the district...  | Read.. 
Hospital premises turns into rickshaw stand
The premises of Belur State General Hospital, one of the most important hospitals in Howrah, has turned into a rickshaw stand ...  | Read.. 
(Top) Stacks of cloth at the Bankra wholesale market and (below) tailors at a doluj working to finish orders.