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Thursday , September 5 , 2013
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EX-Cactus member Pota is out of Bigg Boss Bangla

After six weeks in Bigg Boss Bangla, how upset are you at being evicted a week before the grand finale?

See, I am a very happy-go-lucky guy and I didn’t enter Bigg Boss to win. I just thought of giving it a try. I took the game very professionally. What I will really feel bad about is that I will miss the Bigg Boss House and its members.

Didn’t you expect to win?

See, it’s a game and winning and losing are a part of it. But as I said I wasn’t hell-bent on winning. I have played the game my way and I am very happy to have sustained for so long. I must have done good things otherwise why would the audience vote for me?

Who do you think will win Bigg Boss Bangla?

It’s difficult to say. I think Rudranil (Ghosh) should win because he understands the game and is playing it too well. Also, we bonded very well inside the house. I have confided a lot in him.

Bigg Boss Bangla is being pitched as a platform of self-discovery. What have you discovered about yourself?

See, it’s a difficult world inside the house. I never ever imagined that I could survive week after week without phone, Net and good food. Plus, we were made to do things that we never do in our daily lives like cleaning the bathroom, etc. I think all these things make you humble and value little things in life which we otherwise overlook.

Some of your fellow contestants have accused you of being too naive...

I have forgiven them! Boka thakata important! I do what my heart says. I rarely listen to what my brain says. I am what I am.

Kushali Nag