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| Sunday, September 1, 2013 |

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Breaking the sound barrier

With online sales, websites, gigs, festivals, TV shows and clubs propelling IT, indie music is undergoing a veritable revolution in the country. MANJULA SEN tunes in to a rocking music scene | Read»

Peril in Paradise

Tensions are running high in Jammu and Kashmir. With jobs scarce, migrant labourers are facing a backlash from locals. Will the tinderbox explode, wonders V. Kumara Swamy | Read»

The racist reformer

Zareer Masani's new book on Lord Macaulay has been getting rave reviews in England. The administrator — credited with bringing English language education to India but often criticised as racist — was a flawed hero, Masani tells Amit Roy | Read»

Ray, a drop of golden sun

To celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema, the British Film Institute in London has organised a retrospective of the films of Satyajit Ray. And the films are drawing audiences to the theatres in droves, says Shrabani Basu | Read»