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Girls learn tricks of research

Jamshedpur Women’s College wants to help society through its research work.

For this purpose, Gandhian Studies Centre at the cradle is conducting a seven-day workshop to teach its students correct research methodologies.

Kolhan University syndicate member Rajesh Shukla inaugurated the workshop, which will continue till August 30, on Saturday.

Sixteen students from second batch of the one-year MPhil course will undergo sessions with scholars and resource persons from various universities of Bihar, Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

The aim of the workshop is to guide students on choosing their topic of research and to let them know the proper way to conduct the study.

“This is the second batch of students, who will be doing the research at the centre and write their thesis. Students can choose any topic, but it has to be from the Gandhian point of view. Resource persons from Bihar and other universities will guide them,” said Poornima Sinha, a faculty member of political science at the college.

After the students write their thesis, it will be uploaded on the college website, so that others too can get access to the findings of the study. “Research are done to analyse and provide solutions to the existing problem. There will be many students who will be mentioning the government schemes or any current social situation in their thesis. The datas will be available on the website,” Sinha added.

The research centre was conceived as part of the UGC’s project on “Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India: Buddha, Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar”. The course is funded by UGC.