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Monday , August 12 , 2013
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Civic ear for capital, sick fear for city

- Multiple sanitation woes at MGM

State-run MGM Medical College may have earned the nod from Medical Council of India to increase its number of MBBS seats from 50 to 100, but the health hub has scored a big zero when it comes to hygiene.

The new cleaning agency is not doing its job well, if bio-medical wastes, repair rubble and choked drains on hospital campus are any indication. Apart from looking and smelling bad, MGM is also a breeding ground for vector-borne diseases.

A quick look is enough to reveal the bio-medical wastes such as used gauze strips, bandages and syringes festering in the open.

Brick and concrete rubble is also piling up on the campus and creating puddles that create foul-smelling mosquito havens.

The sad part is no one is willing to take the onus.

An official of SK Roy, one of the contract firms that has been entrusted with the work of mending the pathways inside the hospital, shrugged off all responsibilities.

“Whatever rubble we generate after dismantling the old pathway, we dump outside the hospital premises. Moreover, we only follow instructions of the hospital authorities,” the official added.

Proprietor of Advance Corporate, the private cleaning agency, Rajiv Kumar went up a notch higher to claim that the hospital premises were clean.

“Compared to earlier days, the health hub is far more clean now and sweepers are working sincerely,” Kumar added.

On being asked about the gathering mounds of rubbish, the proprietor simply passed the buck to the construction firm. He added that workers of his firm cleaned the bio-medical wastes from the hospital once a week.

Interestingly, workers of the private cleaning agency are supposed to carry out round-the-clock cleaning.

But, only a handful of them are seen during the day. What about night? Sorry, no answer.

Considered to be a poor man’s hospital, the 550-bed Sakchi health hub is short-staffed and sanitation here has always been a problem. But in the last one month, the cleanliness graph of the hospital has plunged from bad to worse.

While patients are the worst sufferers, personnel deputed on hospital duty also bear the brunt of the filth.

A home guard jawan, Birendra Singh, who is posted at the hospital, feared he would fall ill if he continued to attend duty for another month. “I bring my lunch from home, but since the past fortnight I have not been able to eat inside the hospital due to the unbearable foul smell. I wonder how the patients admitted here have their food amid such dirt,” Singh said.

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