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Saturday , July 27 , 2013
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Walk if you dare

Green Park gets trampled all over

Bhubaneswar, July 26: Residents of Green Park Colony in Jagamara are at war with a builder, whose heavy trucks, they say, have been damaging the roads, drainage channel and sewage chambers in their colony, creating severe waterlogging.

The Goutam Nagar-based realtor, however, charged the residents with pestering him to repair the road on a daily basis.

The residents, most of them senior citizens, said they had asked the builder to repair the road through which his vehicles had been plying, but he did not pay heed to them.

President of the Green Park Housing Owners’ Society B.K. Chand said that it was after the builder started his project in their colony that the roads in the area got damaged.

The situation worsened in the monsoon, with the colony getting severely waterlogged.

“Heavy trucks carrying building materials of the realtor’s firm ply through the colony roads, damaging them badly. These vehicles have also damaged several sewage chambers. During heavy rain, the drain water flows out of the damaged chambers and floods the roads, creating an unhygienic and filthy atmosphere. The stench becomes unbearable at times,” said Chand.

The residents also alleged that the drain that was flowing near the builder’s plot into a nearby natural drainage channel had been blocked by the realtor and his workers.

“He dumped construction materials on the road and into the drain, blocking it. We opposed this as the blocked drain created waterlogging inside the colony. We asked him to remove the building material to let the drain water pass through. But he did not pay any heed to our request,” said G.P. Mishra, the local temple committee chief.

The residents complained that even though the builder had promised not to create problems for them before he started his project a few months ago, he hadn’t kept his word.

“The builder had signed an agreement with us to carry out repairs on the road he was using to transport his construction materials. He had said he would not create problems for us while building his apartment, but he did not keep his word. We even complained about this to officials of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, but to no avail,” said a colony resident.

On the other hand, the builder, Pankaj Agrawal, charged the colony residents with pestering him.

“They wanted me to let the drain water flow through my plot, which I did not want. I have paid Rs 33 lakh to the municipal corporation to repair the road that I’m using after my project is completed. But the colony residents want me to carry out the repairs out of my own funds,” fumed Agrawal.

Local councillor Runu Jena said the residents had approached her about this issue.

“I asked the builder to co-operate with the residents, but he refused to do so. He says he has paid a hefty amount to the civic body for repairing the road after his project was completed. I will go along with the residents to meet the mayor and discuss the matter with him tomorrow,” said Jena.