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Wednesday , July 10 , 2013

On the dragon’s tail

Sometimes it appears that one has to be a Sinophobe or a Sinophile. There appears to be no place for agnosticism about China’s rise...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Brought to light
Sir — The Central Bureau of Investigation filed the first chargesheet on the Ishrat Jahan encounter ...  | Read.. 


There are always some grey areas between what the State can legally do and what it actually does. No civilized society can de...   | Read..


As in the case of Rizwanur Rahman in Bengal, much remains, and will remain, unknown in the case of E. Ilavarasan, the Dalit y...   | Read..
Flooded with humans
It is in the secluded highlands of Uttarakhand –– as well as of Himachal Pradesh and of Jammu and Kashmir–– that hermits go t...  | Read.. 
Loose canons
Justice C.S. Karnan of the Madras High Court caused a furore last month when he observed that if a man and a woman indulged in “sexual gratification that would be considered a...  | Read.. 
Legal FAQs
Q: In the annual general meeting of our residential complex, it was decided that the common areas required repairs. It was also decided that quotations would be invited for...  | Read.. 
What she wants to do if she can get the time to do it, is not so much to live in the past as to open it up and get one good look at it. — ALICE MUNRO