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Sunday , June 30 , 2013

Obama drops Madiba visit, sings his praises

The possibility of a meeting between the two historic figures — the first black President of the US and the first black President of South Africa — was so tantalisingly close. But with Nelson Mandela fighting for his life in a Pretoria hospital, President Obama abandoned his hope fo...   | Read..

US student stabbed in Egypt

At least three persons were killed and hundreds were injured across Egypt yesterday, as anti-government protesters ransacked Muslim Brotherhood offices and tens of thousa...   | Read..

Snowden a hero on Russian TV

While Edward J. Snowden has remained mysteriously hidden from sight during his visit to Russia this week, Russian television has been making him a hero....   | Read..
Obama at a meeting in Johannesburg. (AFP)
Obama drops Madiba visit, sings his praises
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Facebook to shield ads from harmful content

Facebook said yesterday that it would remove ads from pages that contain controversial content,...   | Read..

Pak girl accused of blasphemy in Canada

A Christian girl who was accused of burning the Quran in a case that focused international attentio...   | Read..