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Saturday , June 29 , 2013

Hatred and suspicion

Earlier this year, I was discussing partisanship in Indian politics with a friend from Bangalore temporarily based in Boston. In no other democracy, I suggested, did the two major parties use such vile language about one another. When the government of India chose to allow foreign direct investment in the retail sector, the chief ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Golden hearts
Sir — It was heartening to see Shikhar Dhawan — the winner of the coveted ‘golden bat’ award in the ...  | Read.. 
Tricky question
Sir — Gwynne Dyer refers to the dilemma faced by the president of the United States of America, Bar ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — I strongly agree with the views expressed by the former Sri Lankan captain, Arjuna Ranatunga, ...  | Read.. 


Edward Snowden does not expect to see home again. There is something bleakly appropriate about the first station of his trait...   | Read..
Raising words of warning
Simmerings of political discontent have begun to agitate Bengali theatre again, just as they have done periodically, whenever the circumstances demanded it. Some of these may ...  | Read.. 
Fight against time
To look at a memorial is to sense Time’s sly snigger at man’s pretensions to immortality. The grand gesture of a monument needs a dose of Chaplinesque black humour to expose t...  | Read.. 
Anger, agony and happiness
“Have you ever been alone? Have you ever been protected by your brother? Have you ever been insecure?” — these questions arose that day, arise every day and will keep on arisi...  | Read.. 
Friends with benefits
Whereas China’s global trade in 2012 stood at $3867 billion against India’s $795 billion, bilateral trade between the two tou...  | Read.. 
For pain words are lacking. There should be cries, cracks, fissures, whiteness passing over chintz covers, interference with the sense of time, of space... and sounds very remote and then very close; flesh being gashed and blood spurting, a joint suddenly twisted — beneath all of which appears something very important, yet remote, to be just held in solitude. — VIRGINIA WOOLF