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Thursday , June 20 , 2013

K-K’s fusion

Till June 10, some described Kanye West as the “pioneer of this queer shit” (Lord Jamar of the hip hop group Brand Nubian), a freak (he wore a leather skirt to the 12-12-12 benefit show to deliver a 20-minute medley) and a show-off (during the Skylight event in October 2012, he showed ra...   | Read..

The scary world of WWZ

As a boy growing up in Switzerland, the director Marc Forster was obsessed with the way fish and birds, moving together...   | Read..

Life in tree hill

Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott are the two hot half-brothers living in Tree Hill town. The plot revolves around them. Luca...   | Read..

Band aid

Love Deepika, Aalia & Carey’s hairbands? Three city girls who swear by them show how to band in style...   | Read..

GenY’s dream destinations

Bunny’s dream journal in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has given wings to GenY’s wanderlust. t2 brings yo...   | Read..

A sight and sound party

It was an epic moment when around 800 party people suddenly let go of what they were doing and stood transfixed, 3D glasses...   | Read..

Ravinder’s yesterday

Do you remember Rangoli on Doordarshan? Or giggling with friends over “Chapter 10” on reproduction in your...   | Read..

Two design dens to browse and buy

Palki Beauty Within and Beyond, in association with t2 ...   | Read..
K-K’s fusion