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Thursday , June 20 , 2013

Angry Karzai rejects talks with Taliban and US

Lashing out in anger at the rise of a virtual Taliban embassy in Qatar just a day before, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan today broke off critical security talks with the US and then scuttled a government peace delegation to the insurgents....   | Read..

Grameen break-up plan sparks criticism

A Bangladesh commission has proposed that the government acquire or break the Grameen Bank into 19 parts, sparking criticism among analysts who feared that it is a systemati...   | Read..

Protesters block Sao Paulo roads

Demonstrators blocked a major highway and other roads in Sao Paulo today, crippling transportation in Brazil’s largest city and financial hub, in an ongoing wave of pro...   | Read..

Obama defends spying

President Barack Obama defended US anti-terrorism tactics on a visit to Berlin today, telling wary Germans that Washington was not spying on the emails of ordinary citizens a...   | Read..
Angry Karzai rejects talks with Taliban and US
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