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Tuesday , April 23 , 2013
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Swastika sees red over bed scene, storms out of film

@swastika24: 1st day 1st scene a bed scene with a producer turned actor…. I have no issues with a bed scene. But when it’s not necessary & when u know that the film is happening ONLY because of that, it becomes humiliating and ugly.... Heroines are not sluts.

Swastika Mukherjee on Monday did what no leading lady has done in Tollywood — stormed out of a film on day one and tweeted that a producer-actor had deliberately put in a bed scene to exploit her.

The film in question is Monihara, the first-time director is Subhobrato Chatterjee and the producer-actor is Arghyadeep Chatterjee. Swastika lashed out at the duo on Twitter on Monday.

Hours later, the Bhooter Bhobishyot star told Metro: “After signing the contract, I was told that there’s a new hero opposite me. I said yes and left for London (to shoot for Suman Mukhopadhyay’s Shesher Kobita). I read the script there and realised that there was an intimate scene between the hero and my character, which was unnecessary. When I returned from London last week, Subhobrato told me that the bed scene would be the first shot on the first day! I told him I wouldn’t do it without discussing it properly. His only question was: ‘What will you not do?’ I said I won’t go for ‘skin show and liplock’. He said he would have to talk to his producer — who was now also the hero — and rethink.

“I decided to walk out of the film because the producer’s main agenda of doing the film is to get intimate with actresses! I have no inhibitions, but actresses should not be treated like whores. I am just concerned with the safety of women in general, and the exploitation of actresses.”

@swastika24: So humiliating when u realise u were a part of d project bcos some ******* wishes to feel u up in front of the camera & he is d producer. The producer has turned into a hero just for d sake of doing a bed scene.

When contacted, Arghyadeep, Swastika’s accused number one, said: “She opted out because she wasn’t comfortable. We are shooting the film without her.”

Subhobrato, who is making a “contemporarised version” of Rabindranath Tagore’s Manihara about a married woman obsessed with jewellery, said: “Let my film talk for itself. I’m a first-time filmmaker and don’t want to complicate matters. I will not comment till the film is complete.”

Swastika was replaced within hours by Sohini Sarkar, who has acted in yet-to-release Rupkatha Noy. “I got a call from the assistant director of the film who was also the assistant director on Rupkatha. He put me in touch with Subhoda who offered me the role. I liked it and agreed.”

Didn’t she know she was Swastika’s replacement and why the senior actress had walked out? “I believe there was some problem with Swastikadi but I don’t know why exactly she walked out. I have been told there are a few intimate scenes which I am a bit uncomfortable about but the director has assured me they will not force me to do anything I’m not comfortable with.”

@swastika24: What’s this happening 2 this industry, God knows! No rules for anybody. In the name of cinema they just want 2 do bed scenes with heroines.

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