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Hair-raising attack on Hugh!

Alec Baldwin

Stalker: Small-time publicist Genevieve Sabourin

When: 2012

What did she do: She sent a torrent of lusty emails to the 30 Rock star and claimed she had a two-year relationship with him. She even turned up at the yoga studio where his wife Hilaria Thomas works. The actor and the stalker had briefly met many years ago when he was shooting a cameo for The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002).

Then what: The case is before a Manhattan court.

Mark Zuckerberg

Stalker: Indian boy Pradeep Manukonda

When: 2011

What did he do: He flooded Zuckerberg with emails and a hand-written note. He even tried to visit the FB chief at his office in Palo Alto in California. Needless to say, the FB man got a restraining order.

Then what: Pradeep was sent back to India where he filed a defamation suit.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Stalker: 50-something pizza delivery man Dante Michael Soiu

When: 2000

What did he do: He spent long hours at a public library to write missives for a number of celebrities, especially Gwyneth. He wanted to take “God’s scalpel” to cut the sin out of the Shakespeare In Love actress. Besides letters, he sent pizzas, flowers and then a vibrator with “Because I Love You” written on it. That shook ’em up.

Then what: A psychiatric hospital became his home.

Jodie Foster

Stalker: John Warnock Hinckley, Jr., who was obsessed by the film Taxi Driver (1976)

When: 1981

What did he do: John was so obsessed with Foster after watching Taxi Driver that when she joined Yale, he moved to New Haven to start a relationship with her. Finally, he tried to enact a scene from the Martin Scorsese film and that involved an attempt to assassinate President Ronald Regan on March 30, 1981.

Then what: He was taken to Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. for treatment.

Hugh Jackman

Stalker: Razor-wielding Kathleen Thurston

When: April 14, 2013

What did she do: She shouted a declaration of love for the X-Men star at a New York gym and then threw an electric razor (containing her pubic hair!) at him. Instead of thrusting his “iron claws”, Wolverine did the next best thing shouted for help. Hugh the hunk said about the, er, close shave: “My main concern is for my family.”

Then what: She is in police custody.

Abhishek Bachchan

Stalker: Model Jhanvi Kapoor

When: 2007

What happened: She slashed her wrist in front of the Bachchan residence, Prateeksha, to protest the news of Junior B getting married to Aishwarya Rai.

Then what: No news is good news.

John Lennon

Stalker: The Catcher In The Rye and Lennon fan Mark David Chapman

When: 1980

What did he do: On December 8, 1980 he hung around Lennon’s Dakota apartment building in New York. Earlier that day, the ex-Beatle had autographed MDC’s copy of the Double Fantasy LP but when he returned to his building at night, the “fan” shot him.

Then what: He is still in prison and has been denied parole several times.


Stalker: Perv called Devar Hurd

When: 2009-10

What did he do: He followed the R&B singer and her mother for several months in 2009 and even messaged her mom a snap of his you-know-what with the message: “Here’s a pic I had laying around for the ladies in sum of my birthday suit lol.”

Then what: He’s found a whole lot of ashanti behind bars.

Richard Gere

Stalker: Divorced mother of four kids Ursula Reichert-Habbishaw

When: 2002

What did she do: She tried to contact the Pretty Woman man around 1,000 times over phone, email and fax and even appeared at his New York office six times. Among her messages was: “I will stay with you for all time.”

Then what: A Manhattan court asked the German woman to take the next plane back to Germany.

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