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Friday , April 12 , 2013
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Reckless driving

township notes

The lane dividing AD and AE blocks has become extremely dangerous for pedestrians. Recently, a Class X student, who comes to me for tuition, was waiting for his car on the footpath outside my house when a speeding car came and hit him.

The boy was badly injured and had to undergo many surgeries thereafter. My gardener and another student, who were standing next to him, escaped by a whisker.

Reckless driving needs to be checked immediately. Also, the authorities should ensure that cars do not take the wrong side of the road for short cuts.

Jhumur Mondal,
AE Block


Dark alleys

Crime is on the rise in Salt Lake and its neighbourhood but it is quite sad to note that many stretches here are still not lit up.

Salt Lake especially has a lot of elderly couples who live and travel by themselves and they would be easy targets of thieves and snatchers in dark alleys. The authorities should act before another mishap occurs.

B.N. Bose,
Dum Dum Park