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There are good movies, bad movies and then there is Priyadarshan’s Rangrezz, a remake of the Tamil film Naadodigal, that makes viewers wolf down overpriced soda and popcorn while teaching a lesson or nine about filmmaking and life…

1. Have (at least) two stupid friends: Don’t ya know, even Homer Simpson looks like Superman in the company of Beavis and Butt-head. Since we are in the Kai Po Che! mood, director Priyadarshan gives his protagonist Rishi Deshpande (Jackky Bhagnani) two sidekicks –– Vinu (Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakya (Vijay Verma). Like a hero inspired by 1980s Bolly flicks, he makes his sidekicks suffer in his fight to make his rich friend’s (Joy, played by Raghav Chanana) burning love, well, burn. Vinu loses his leg and Pakya his hearing. (Also present is Rajpal Yadav but he doesn’t know his role in the movie.)

2. Take it to the water… not the (Godfather-style) mattresses: The movie begins with rain and ends near (and in) it. The three boys spend much of their time splishing and splashing. When their depressed friend Joy arrives with his luv-luv problems, he tries to drown himself. This is enough to make Rishi go boo-hoo-hoo and help Joy whisk away his jaan Jasmine (Akshara Gowda) from the temple. Five minutes later the horny couple end up at a beach resort in Goa. And when they fall apart after having sex, they are literally forced to reunite (by Rishi, of course) near a lake.

3. Take your woman for granted: Rishi likes his woman (Priya Anand plays Megha) to pant outside her house, waiting for chumma chati. She makes parathas grandma style, sports a dress (with flaps!) that looks like an ever-flowing piece of rexine and is willing to rebel against her father (until he threatens to hang himself). She even gets excited when Rishi agrees to “abduct” his friend’s gal!

4. Saviours are nameless: Trying to bundle Joy and Jasmine into the SUV, Rishi looks left, right and to the sky for help. Just when his “enemies” (the fleeing couple’s caring parents) are about to win the show, a nameless man appears on a bike… wind in his hair. And like most saviours, stays nameless throughout the movie.

5. Hang on to a speeding car: Now that Joy and Jasmine are set to get hot and sticky, Pakya gives them space and travels on the footboard of the SUV. Only when enemies manage to kabong him with an iron rod, he wriggles into the car through the window. He loses his hearing but keeps his cool.

6. Marry and then have sex: Joy and Jasmine quickly realise that they married for sex. He can’t afford her Goa shopping bills and she can’t stand him being a miser and a wife-beater. Way out? Divorce. What about the three amigos? Who cares?!

7. Hide those six-pack abs: Priyadarshan is a great strategist. He allows viewers a glimpse of Jackky’s six-pack abs in the first few minutes and then makes them wait for the “PSY-cho” routine.

8. Have a producer daddy: Only a Vashu Bhagnani (the producer) could make possible Jackky’s journey from F.A.L.T.U. to faltu… oops… Rangrezz.

9: PSY, oh sigh: Give bored girls in the audience a reason to shake their hips. Rishi becomes “PSY-cho”, Gangnam Style, who does an entertaining Baba Seghal-meets-PSY routine, complete with dead fish in a lively fishing community and a busy Mumbai street.

Rangrezz (u/a)
Director: Priyadarshan
Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Priya Anand, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma
Running time: 144 minutes

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