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Monday , March 18 , 2013
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Tintinís back to tickle child in you

Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! Tintinís back, and you donít need Thomson and Thompson to tell you why fans in Calcutta from eight to 80 are ready to croon like Bianca Castafiore at the thought ...   | Read..

Toll collection resumes on NH2

Toll collection on Durgapur Expressway resumed after five months on Sunday but the hope of order being restored was dashed...   | Read..

Basketball edges out cricket on school court

The willow and cherry can rest awhile to let the cityís schoolkids try some jaw-dropping slam dunks like Kobe Bryant. ...   | Read..

Five held for blaze

Police arrested five men allegedly involved in the Saturday morning Maheshtala fire, which chief minister Mamata Banerjee cal...   | Read..

3 missing as boat overturns

Three men went missing after a motorised country boat carrying people twice its capacity overturned and collided with an anch...   | Read..

Old issues at new terminal

Two fliers whose high expectations had a rough landing at the new airport terminal have written to Metro about thei...   | Read..

State stand prompts Presi drive for funds

Presidency University has launched a drive to raise money after having realised that it was beyond the cash-strapped government ...   | Read..
A brawny breeze kicked up a curtain of dust across the Maidan on Sunday afternoon (in picture above by Sanat Kumar Sinha) and sent Calcuttans on the m ...  | Read
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