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Thursday , February 28 , 2013
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ZZZZZZ... It’s public sleeping day!


La-Z-Boy buddies

Dagwood Bumstead

When the heir to the Bumstead Locomotive fortune was disowned for marrying a flapper (Blondie Boopadoop), he picked up two hobbies — eating and sleeping. And he takes his hobbies so seriously that “America voted him to White House” in one strip in 2012! Dean Young, the son of this iconic character’s creator Chic, said: “As we all know, the road to the White House can be very bumpy and, in his typical bumbling fashion, Dagwood takes a rather convoluted route.”

Sleeping Beauty

The princess of Brothers Grimm managed years of sleep until a “charming” prince came and killed her beauty nap!

Bertie Wooster

When he is not dozing in the middle of the day or keeping Drones Club busy, Bertie is either playing with a rubber duck or glued to a hammock! And if you’ve had one too many Martinis last night, try his valet Jeeves’s morning-after concoction on the lines of a Prairie Oyster — one raw egg, one tsp Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and two dashes of Tabasco sauce. Eye-popping!

Joey (from Friends)

When Joey Tribbiani doesn’t sleep around, he sleeps with a soft toy penguin named Hugsy... or sometimes with Ross!


Garfield was born (in 1978) to sleep nine hours every night... and nine hours every day. No wonder this fat orange tabby of Jim Davis is our role model!


The average sleeper changes positions 40 times a night.

A newborn typically results in 400-750 hours of lost sleep for its parents in the first year.

After Spain joined the European Union in 1986, it got rid of its “official” siesta tradition.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a surgical procedure to fix... snoring.

Somniphobia is the fear of sleep.

Sleepy speedster wakes up to 7/29!

One sleepy afternoon, Kyle Abbott received a call on his mobile from a number he couldn’t recognise. He ended the call and went back to sleep. The mystery caller was Andrew Hudson, convener of the South African selectors, asking him to join the squad for the third Test against Pakistan at the Centurion. He soon became an overnight hero taking seven for 29 on his Test debut. All because Andrew remembered to leave a voice message for his sleeping speedster!


1) Land a job in a red building — Writers’ Buildings or CMC headquarters — and do a Dagwood.

2) Hop on a tram to Dalhousie and snore away. Make sure your wallet is safe.

3) It’s the perfect season to doze off by the Ganges.

4) If you have cash to spare, visit a spa and close your eyes.

5) A house with a garden is empty without a man in a hammock.

6) Check into a star hotel. “The thread-count of the sheets, the decibel levels that come from the air-con, the amount of light in the room, and a WelcomSlumber kit complete with eye mask, ear plugs and chocolates are some of the things we keep for guests,” says an ITC Sonar spokesperson. At The Park, breathe in the scent of tuberoses, apply a soothing Dream and Peace Oil and relax with dim lighting as part of the evening turn-down service. And at HHI, choose from a special pillow menu!

7) If nothing else works, try your good ol’ bed.


Your sleeping positions

Sleep solo. There is nothing better than having the entire bed to yourself, limbs stretched out, not a care in the world. But if you do share your space, here’s how:

Honeymoon hug: Sleeping face to face in a hug with arms and legs intertwined. Indicates the first flush of a relationship.

Spooning: Both sleeping on their sides, with the spooner touching the spooned’s back. This indicates the need for both partners to be near each other.

Snuggling: One partner lies on his/her back (offering comfort) and the other snuggles up. Shows a need for attention.

Leg connection: When the legs are intertwined, no matter how they sleep. Shows a strong friendship; is common in relationships where one partner is not expressive about emotions.

No touching: When the partners sleep without touching each other. Shows independence and a high level of trust.

Tips by our columnists

Nutritionist Hena Nafis

Down a glass of milk before bedtime. Or an ice cream!

Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce and nuts like almonds.

Eat a ripe banana before you put on your monkey, er, sleeping cap!

Avoid sweets, tea, coffee and aerated drinks.

Try supplements like Melatonin and St. John’s Wort to keep sleeplessness at bay.

Yoga expert Meera Vaghani

The Shavasana practised before bedtime is ideal for sound sleep.

A back-rested pose like Supta-Virasana with eyes covered is good.

Chant ‘Om’.

Practise yoga on a light stomach and after a bath.

Props like bolsters, blankets, belts, bandages, bricks and weights can aid problem centres and harmonise the mind.