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Friday , February 22 , 2013
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The Damadol boys

Why the name Damadol?

Shaheb Bhattacherjee: In the film, there’s a lot of damadol (chaos) after the three friends meet Pappubhai (a funny don played by Saswata Chatterjee). With Pappubhai’s help, they try to build their careers and that’s when a lot of confusion occurs.

Rajdeep: The three friends lie a lot to each other.

Samadarshi: The characters are in a constant state of Gondogol!

What do each of you play?

Shaheb: I play Nikhil, a software engineer who doesn’t believe in love. He wants to get married and settle down. But he tells his friends that he desperately wants to fall in love and it is his dad who is forcing him to get married! Unfortunately, he does fall in love with a girl....

Rajdeep: I play VK, who works in a cable company. He is in love with a girl (Priyanka) but doesn’t tell his two friends about her. VK doesn’t know what he is going to do next. Nikhil and Aditya (Samadarshi) are his life.

Shaheb: Yeah, we are best buddies in the film... father, mother, everything!

Rajdeep: Not mother!

Samadarshi: We share a great chemistry in the film. We’ve done everything that guys our age do. From drinking at bars to dancing at nightclubs and going on long drives.... I play Aditya, an aspiring film director. His film is being financed by Pappubhai.

Rajdeep: Damadol (produced by Ajay Jhunjhunwala and Radhika Singhi) is like a Dil Chahta Hai or a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.


What makes Damadol like Dil Chahta Hai?

Rajdeep: Damadol isn’t a remake of DCH but the chemistry between the three friends is like that in DCH.

Shaheb: Yes, and there are lots of fun moments, similar to DCH.

Samadarshi: The freshness makes it like DCH. I remember DCH was like a breath of fresh air in Bollywood when it released. Damadol too is like that, it’s got a fresh, young cast. Even the crew members are all aged 26-27.


What makes it like ZNMD?

Shaheb: The places where these guys hang out in Damadol is very different, it’s like in ZNMD. Here the three friends hang out on the 16th-floor rooftop of a highrise! Aditya drives a fancy jeep. The friends go on long drives. It’s got moments like those in ZNMD.

Rajdeep: But the similarity ends there.

Samadarshi: The cast of Damadol is very new. Shaheb, Rajdeep and I have not worked together before.

This weekend pits Damadol against the biggest Bolly buddy film of the year — Kai Po Che!. Is that a positive or a negative?

Rajdeep: I don’t think it’s negative because the two films have completely different storylines. Obviously, people have already seen films on male bonding in Bollywood, but films like Damadol are rare in Tollywood. People will relate to Damadol more as the humour is very Bengali. Also, Apuda (Saswata) plays a very different character after Kahaani.

Shaheb: I also don’t think it’s a negative. It’s got a Bangaliana to it. For instance, a student of Asutosh College will relate to Damadol more than Kai Po Che! or the other films releasing this weekend.

Samadarshi: I think the fact that Damadol is being compared with Kai Po Che! is very positive. That we are thinking on a par with Bollywood is wonderful.


One reason why we should go for Damadol instead of Kai Po Che!, Die Hard 5 or Silver Linings Playbook...

Shaheb: Damadol will make you laugh like crazy. This Valentine’s Day if you’ve had a heartbreak, please watch Damadol. It will make you forget the trauma! And if you’ve got a new girlfriend, take her along with you — you will bond better!

Rajdeep: Damadol will detox you.

Samadarshi: It’s a really fun watch.


How much of Nikhil is Shaheb, VK is Rajdeep and Aditya is Samadarshi?

Rajdeep: Samadarshi is a lot like his character. Like Aditya he has a great sense of humour but he has a straight face. His words will make others laugh and fall off their chairs but he is very serious! And what should I say about Shaheb? It’s very difficult to understand the real Shaheb! He is very emotional but comes across as tough.

Shaheb: I wish my girlfriend understood this!

Samadarshi: You didn’t specify which girlfriend!

Rajdeep: But Nikhil wants to get married desperately, and Shaheb doesn’t! He wants to getů beep beep beep! (All three burst out laughing)

Shaheb: I think Aditya is a big-time schemer, Sam isn’t like that. But Rajdeep’s character is totally him! Whether he cries, laughs or acts bad, VK is so Rajdeep! But VK is very confused, while Rajdeep is strong-headed. I have to say this... Rajdeep is petrified of his girlfriend!

Samadarshi: I thought VK isn’t like Rajdeep. Shaheb is like Nikhil. Nikhil has a nice heart and Shaheb’s got a lion’s heart. He is like a kid who you scold for eating too many chocolates!

Shaheb: Yes, a scared little kid who wants to be a lion. I will kill you Sam!