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Thursday , February 21 , 2013
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Poor cupid was caught in a crossfire on a day he calls the shots, at Saturday Club.

Love is textual...

Bachi Karkaria: If you want to seduce today’s woman then you have to give her an apps-laden Apple! SMS does not stand for ‘short messaging service’... but for ‘sadomasochistic sex’!

Deborshi Barat: Cupid is a short chubby toddler with fancy wings and brown hair, butt naked charging at you with a weapon. Love is entirely man-made... True love is like a ghost that no one has seen, yet it’s like a trend which is changed regularly like an underwear…. Love has a lot of substance abuse if you think of it — flowers, diamonds, coffee, ice cream, face cream, fairness cream, leash, leathers, chains, soft toys, hard toys….

Surma Guha: If love was indeed actual why would we need texts on a marriage certificate to validate it? The number of currency notes in a man’s bank account or even the letters against his name... PhD, MBA or an MA, these actually help a man to woo a woman....

Kunal Sarkar: February 14 is not a day to celebrate Valentine’s Day... it’s the day when penicillin was discovered to change the face of history....

Love is actual...

Krishna Sen: Love in most of the world is actual, factual, contractual, anatomical, and not only textual, but also intertextual, hypo textual. And, nowadays, since gay love has been legalised, love is sexual, heterosexual, transexual, bisexual, metrosexual. Who has ever heard of a mother SMSing her newborn baby?

Anjum Katyal: Love is a very complex emotion.... Point is that you express love in various ways and texts are but one of the many ways to express that emotion.

Dhruv Mookerji: Many in this country can’t read or write and more than that people don’t even have any access to mobile technology. So, congratulations ladies and gentlemen, you are part of that perfect percentage who can express their love....

Ashoke Viswanathan: Just imagine, if love was only textual, then the world would be reduced to just a digit. We have had speakers who have been love-bashing here even though they know that heart has its own reasons that even reasons do not know…. And for them who say that love is only textual, one who generalise, generally lies.

The motion was defeated. Love all!

Sreyoshi Dey