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Wednesday , February 20 , 2013
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She tries vs she triumphs

She started off well, but this Sri Lankan beauty queen (most recently seen in Race 2) is on a mission to disappoint. One disastrous look after another and we can’t help but notice that the Jacqueline Fernandez style story is turning into a big #fail.

We think she is trying way too hard. And that brings us to the question — are you guilty of the same style crime? Take our quiz!

1. Does your look, on an average, incorporate three or more trends? Or do you flash three or more brand logos?

2. Are you delusional about your body type? Will you wear a bandage dress that does nothing for your UK size 14 frame? Or that voluminous maxi that drowns you?

3. Are most of your clothes invariably one size too tight?

4. Are you dressing just to attract attention and fish for compliments?

5. Are you wearing a wonder bra pretty much every day to, er, support that plunging neckline?

6. Your family’s first reaction to your outfit often is: “Are you wearing this to college/office?”

7. You are forever trying hard to be ‘edgy’ and ‘different’?

8. Are you mindlessly copying your BFF’s style?

9. Are you a make-up over-loader? Cakey foundation, too much powder, wrong concealer, garish colours and bleeding lipstick are tell-tale signs.

10. Do you secretly cringe when you see your pictures tagged on Facebook, wishing you had worn something else instead?

Aditi Rao Hydari is on her way to becoming a fashion darling. Here’s a list of what could be ticking in her favour...

1 Silhouette story: Can you see a repeat? Bodycon, playsuit, draped dress, Anarkalis... she’s mixing it up — so fresh and so much fun! Sometimes we get bored of seeing stars in one boring bodycon after another so when we see a stunning silhouette or a cool and funky neckline, we go “Yay!”

2 Colour me chic: Some get into a shadecard rut but not the Murder 3 star. Amidst the sea of neutrals and blah blacks, this 34-year-old gives us a spunky splash of colour. We love a dash of canary yellow or a neon green.

3 Hair and there: We love how she hasn’t resorted to the big filmi blow-out (thinking of Priyanka Chopra?) and cares to experiment with tress trends. A sleek pony, old-school Hollywood waves, a chic bun and a side-swept fishtail braid floored us. #drool

4 The PLU factor: She’s not the intimidating star on the big screen — she’s People Like Us. She’s beautiful but not ice-maiden beautiful. She’s slim but not size zero skinny. She’s got nice hair but without those tacky filmi golden streaks. And thank god she’s doesn’t wear a darker lipliner! Her style is also very relatable, comfortable and never trying too hard. Basically, she doesn’t look like those larger-than-life(read unreal/fake) B-town stars and we LOVE her for that!

5 No expectations: With no Sonam Kapoor-like expectations on her petite shoulders, Aditi came from nowhere and impressed us all. But now, with such high standards set, we look forward to seeing her more often on our style pages!


If you have answered ‘YES’ to ....

0 to 3: Cheers, you are NOT a fashion victim. And you are more likely to be declared guilty of trying too little!

4 to 6: You need a bit of help. You are on your way to ‘find’ your fashion. All you need is a nudge in the right direction. Just take a cue from your super-stylish BFF or follow the fashion pages of t2!

7 & more: Red alert! You are a fashion junkie. Trying to hide behind an image and carrying it too far — that’s you. Mix-and-match has become mismatch and how! Prescribed: Style rehab. NOW!