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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story: An okey-dokey effort
- Jayantabhai is a cool bhai flick… arre just joking re!

What could be more terrifying than the scariest of Ramsay Brothers films? Well, a film with no beginning, no end and no escape from the cycle of pain. And that has been easily achieved in debutant director Vinnil Markan’s Valentine’s Day “gift” 末 Jayantabhai ki Luv Story.

Straight out of the cold storage, Vivek Oberoi, dressed in Chandu’s (Company) chapri shirt, does the unthinkable quite effortlessly 末 makes a clown of the tapori bhai. And he does succeed in drawing sporadic chuckles of ha-ha-he-he from viewers with no extended V-Day plans.

JKLS is at best an okey-dokey effort at improvisation. When Jayantabhai (Vivek) is not going hubba-hubba over a simpering Bhadotri (played by Neha Sharma of Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum), he is busy with his part-time job 末 being bhai log’s pastime.

Simran aka Bhadotri arrives in Mumbai from her beachside gaon, where her dad often does elbow-bending at an “elite club”, to work for a company that folds up in two months. No, no she is not that bad a worker. It’s just that her company is a victim of Raja’s 2G scam. Jobless, she decides to bring her finances under control by minimising her wardrobe to bare necessities 末 shorts, halter-necks and slit-wide-open skirts. And the same goes for her new address 末 our Bhai’s neighbourhood. Bhai, by the way, had checked into Central Jail a few years earlier after shouldering the blame for the crimes committed by his Bhaijaan, Altaf (Zakir Hussain).

Where is the story, you wonder? After the first 45 minutes, Vinnil adds an insane bhai twist 末 good-cop-turned-monster SP Alex (Nassar) leaves Central Jail. The baap of all baaps takes the story forward by 15 minutes slapping anybody and everybody 末 including Jayantabhai 末 with his dhai kilo ka haath. Right, what next?

Like any TV love ishtory, throw in some ghuption (sex, Jayantabhai-style!) and bhailogy between J and Simmi (Bhadotri becomes Simran after four tequila shots). Another seven minutes done (Indian men are truly quick). Bring in Simmi’s daddy dear and make J take responsibility for woh raat (who cares if he had played it safe!). Just when the old man is taking interest in his hone-wala damaad, damaadji beats up three smart alecks at his club and embarrasses sasurji. One can almost hear Vinnil shout: “15 minutes up!” Here on it’s downhill for “Jayantabhai MBBS”. He becomes even more desperate to win Simmi over while trying to turn his back on Bhaijaan.

Is there no silver lining to this dark cloud? Well, Sachin-Jigar’s music is far more memorable than the haphazard plot. Their poppy mush at least gives Neha Sharma ample opportunity to show off her b&b. The second best thing is, ahem, Vivek. After playing bhai throughout his life (on reel and with Sallu in real), his comic spin is spot-on 末 from his “arre joking re sense of humorous” to saala benchor (after breaking a bench) to Phata Mangeshkar (songs by a bar girl). As for Neha, she does her bit, that is, show off her legs and cleavage on autoplay-repeat mode.

This means the captain has to take responsibility for scuttling his ship. And we ain’t joking re!

jayantabhai ki luv story (u/a)

  • Director: Vinnil Markan
  • Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma, Nassar, Zakir Hussain
  • Running time: 128 minutes

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