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Friday , February 15 , 2013
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A multi-tasker

World records are tough to make or break but here is someone who has made a record in acts that can hardly be imitated. Chimpoo Singh Oberoi has a world record of flapping his ears, clapping in one hand, counting currency notes and swinging one leg while standing on the other, all at the same time.

Chimpoo calls his performance ‘six combinations of concentrations’ that has earned him the title of a person who can do the most number of things simultaneously in the world by the World Record Association. Chimpoo’s act is on the net and also on the website of the association.

Although Chimpoo has been entertaining friends and acquaintances with his act for quite some time, it was only in 2006 that he realized he could make a world record when he saw someone on TV who could also clap with one hand. “I thought that since I could do it as well, I could try and make a record of sorts but I had to think of doing something different. It was then that I came up with the idea of multitasking,” said Chimpoo.

While others may find his performance amusing, Chimpoo is quite serious about his abilities and believes his only competitor is the computer. “I compare myself with the computer, counting how many tasks it does and how many I can do,” said Chimpoo. He calls this ‘combinations of concentrations’ because it requires an enormous amount of mental focus and concentration to be able to perform so many things together. “I have to practise twice or thrice a week to keep my concentration level high. During the day I am busy with the family business. I usually practise at night when everyone goes to sleep and it’s quiet,” said Chimpoo.