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Tuesday , February 12 , 2013
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Novel views

Sir — Narendra Modi’s speech at the Shri Ram College of Commerce once again proved that the chief minister of Gujarat is a man of tremendous potential and has all the qualities of a national leader (“Narendra takes Gujarat to Delhi”, Feb 7). His views reflected the fact that he thinks beyond Gujarat and takes a keen interest in the development of the country. Modi’s speech was motivating. He understood the mood of the youth very well. They want performance, not excuses. Modi successfully put forward his vision of a new India to a receptive audience, peppering his speech with words and expressions that the new generation understands and identifies with.

Pointing to the development that has taken place in Gujarat during his tenure as the chief minister, Modi made it evident that India will prosper under his leadership.

Yours faithfully,
Somrita Ghosh, Calcutta

Sir — In his address to the students of Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, Narendra Modi rightly talked about the overwhelming feeling of pessimism prevailing in the country. The nation awaits true freedom in the form of good governance, he rightly observed. Referring to Gujarat’s progress, he told the young audience that the state’s model of governance was pro-people and meant to ensure the good of the population. He correctly surmised that the biggest challenge was to use human resources to their full potential.

The farcical protest by a section of students outside the college against Modi seemed to be staged. The United Progressive Alliance government is apparently getting jitters about the growing popularity of Modi across the country. Modi’s performance establishes him as the potential mascot of urban, young India, which wants to leave its past behind and strive for a better future. The Congress has failed to tackle corruption and to ensure development in the country while Modi brought about prosperity in his state. This clearly indicates his leadership skills and his business acumen.

Yours faithfully,
Harischandra Parshuram, Mumbai

Sir — The response of the students to Narendra Modi’s motivating speech was overwhelming. It shows Modi’s growing popularity among the youth. It would be wrong to say that Modi skipped the issues related to the Gujarat riots because he had not gone to the institution to discuss these. Constantly referring back to the riots is a carefully crafted plan to malign Modi and tarnish his good image. Modi, with his leadership skills, is emerging as the most popular political leader in India. He is a clear contender for the top post in the 2014 elections.

Yours faithfully,
S. Balakrishnan, Jamshedpur

Sir — Narendra Modi’s words were appreciated by the young generation. His speech was inspiring and refreshing. He spoke of his vision for India and the young audience identified with him. Modi clearly attempted to leave the past behind and the audience was more than willing to let him do so.

Politicians should take a leaf out of the inspirational book of Modi and set aside petty politics. That would help India’s economic condition.

Yours faithfully,
A.S. Mehta, Calcutta

Anger management

Sir — The way Mamata Banerjee behaved with her security guard at the Calcutta book fair is very unfortunate ( “Beware! Didi is in mood to whip”, Feb 7). Her mercurial temperament is well known. Her outburst at a student’s comment during an interactive session on a news channel is an example of her violent reactions. While coming back from the book fair, Banerjee was miffed when she could not find her car at the main gate. After waiting for about two minutes, she started walking on the road. The police threw a security ring around her and stopped traffic, but they could not maintain the cordon as scores of people rushed towards her. Some got close enough to shake hands with her. At this point, Banerjee stopped and was reportedly heard screaming at her securitymen.

Banerjee’s frequent loss of cool may be attributed to the burden of work she has voluntarily taken up on her shoulders. She is a workaholic and takes little rest. But, such displays of rage, particularly in public places, send wrong signals to the people who have voted her to power.

Yours faithfully,
Ujjal K. Pal, Calcutta

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