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Saturday , February 9 , 2013
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Guide for a B R I D E

He proposed, you said ‘yes!’ but before saying ‘i do’, it would do you good to know the a-z of your w-gown!...   | Read..

Why you must not miss Lincoln

It is something of a paradox that American movies — a great democratic art form, if ever there was one — have not...   | Read..

The intimate horror

Guillermo del Toro, the reigning godfather of motion-picture horror, is the modern-day Val Lewton, the legendary producer of ...   | Read..

Special 26: Sharp and entertaining

About 26 minutes less and Special 26 could have been a great film. That’s roughly the length of the two songs an...   | Read..

ABCD: Dance and drama

Everyone loves the underdog, whether it is Bhuvan’s XI trumping the English at their own game or Shashi Godbole’s...   | Read..

Tigmanshu on guns ’n’ girls

He wolfed down a chicken kathi roll the moment he landed in Calcutta on Wednesday. Lunch on Thursday was at Bhojohori Manna &...   | Read..

Bare babe

“I love my body a lot. I know everybody does, but I’m too much in love with myself!” This bold and brazen v...   | Read..

Abir on his darling daughter

Even as Raima Sen thinks up pranks to play on him, on the sets of Hridmajhare, his li’ girl is all Bomkesh Ba...   | Read..

Justin-Selena partners in arms, again?

Bad news all you Beliebers who don’t want your dream boy to have anything to do with her — yes, Justin Bieber and...   | Read..

Becks has a botty double?!

Many of you have gone hubba-hubba over David Beckham’s botty-shaking ad for H&M. But netizens in the UK (where the ...   | Read..

Choco love

We think our chocolates come from the cocoa bean. But the scientific name of the chocolate tree is Theobroma cacao. &...   | Read..

Grammy: picks & peekaboo!

Who will dominate Grammy awards on Monday morning? t2 gazes into the crystal ball! ...   | Read..


Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Neha Panda launched Spencer’s 96 Hours Delights at the Spencer’s Hyper store in Sou...   | Read..

Why Bebo is JLU!

I L..V.E. Kareena Kapoor. And now, if you are done with judging me, let’s quickly move on. Kareena Kapoor — Th...   | Read..
Guide for a B R I D E