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Friday , February 8 , 2013
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Watch my back

1 Inverted rows — Targeting the back, biceps, traps and all the stabiliser muscles in between, inverted rows are reverse push-ups (also referred to as reverse bench press). Lie flat on your back, grab a suspended bar and pull your body up towards the bar.

2 Chin-ups — Focusing on the ‘largest’ back muscle, the latissimus dorsi, also known as lats, chin-ups help you get that perfect V. This strength-training exercise is all about pulling your body up to a bar hanging 8ft or 10ft above the ground. A chin-up is considered complete when your upper chest touches the bar and the body is then lowered.

3 Barbell rows — This requires one to fight gravity, putting pressure on the lats. Stand in a squatted position over a barbell, stick your chest out, flatten your lower back and pull the weight hard into your upper abdomen. Put the barbell down and repeat.

4 Shoulder shrugs — Loosen your arms while holding two dumbbells. Choose weights that you are comfortable with and then lift them effortlessly, up and down. Don’t forget to squeeze, hold, release and repeat. It helps tone your shoulder muscles.

5Hyperextensions — This exercise works your lower back, specifically the erector spinae muscles. If you don’t have a hyperextension bench, use a regular flat bench. Your torso should be dangling from the bench. Get someone to sit on your feet or hold them down, for support. Cross your arms across your chest, the idea being to bend down at a 60-degree angle and then lift yourself up. Repeat.

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