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Monday , January 28 , 2013
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Research in Motion (RIM) is finally set to take the fight to the iPhone and Android devices with BlackBerry 10 — slick, touch-happy and overflowing with new features. Sunil Lalvani, director, enterprise sales, RIM, India, talks t2 through BB10...

Feature-rich BB10

The all-new BlackBerry 10 OS has been developed from scratch. It is entirely based on our QNX platform and does not contain even a single line of code from the old operating system.

One of the distinctive features of BlackBerry 10 is the new user interface (UI). The intuitive, gesture-based UI makes navigation a breeze. The new BlackBerry Hub consolidates all the notifications, making it easier to access apps and multitask on the device.

Peek enables users to take a look at new notifications without actually opening the application. Switch between different applications without losing track by using Flow.

The BlackBerry 10 web browser is built using HTML5, which makes browsing fast and fun.

The Time Shift feature enables editing of expressions of individuals in any picture. In other words, users are never bothered by those ruined group photos!

Users will love the way we have designed the clutter-free, intuitive keyboard that gives them an experience similar to that of the physical keyboard in our earlier devices.

Why upgrade to BB10?

Integration of Video Chat to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the highlights of the new OS. Within the same secure environment that has safeguarded the text-based BlackBerry Messenger till now, users of BB10 can share news directly with all the emotions rather than trying to translate the emotions into text.

BB Balance has been enhanced. Both organisations and users can be at peace about secure access to official and personal information. Users can now enjoy their personal “space” within the same phone rather than going around with another device.

BB10 supports enhanced camera functions and features, led by Time Shift.

For QWERTY lovers, BB10 gives a reason to move to l-touch as it delivers the same experience as that of the physical one.

Switching from iOS and Android

The QNX-based architecture of the OS results in a near-perfect and reliable mobile operating system that does not hang.

The security features intrinsic to BB offer greater data security.

BB10 home screen

HTML5-based web browser can make mobile browsing speedier and better, especially streaming online videos even at low bandwidth.

Availability of all popular applications on other mobile platforms on BlackBerry World.

Touch and feel

though the power of BlackBerry 10 is manifested via touch functions, its support is not just restricted to touch phones. We will soon launch several hybrid models of BlackBerry, which will combine powerful touch functions with QWERTY keypad.

Mathures Paul
BlackBerry, iPhone or Android — which is your choice and why?

BB10 is forů

Those who use social networks to maintain relationships that matter most.

Those who need organisational tools on their phone to be successful.

Multitaskers or those who simultaneously carry out different tasks.

Those who are constantly on the move.

Those who want to keep personal information secure.