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An advertisement for shows a college campus where a student in a classroom declares his choice of institute for higher learning after graduation. Soon his classmates and other students start following him to join the institute. The chain of students keep increasing till the first guy stumbles and falls near a young man sitting on a bench surfing for study options on from his laptop. The ad ends with the message 'stop following, start exploring’. The last message in the ad captures the essence of the site that urges students to get rid of the herd mentality and make an informed career choice. On readers can find information about colleges, courses, scholarships and admission notifications.

The site lists institutes as per subject specialisation, course duration and location. Readers can ask queries and search for their desired course or college by filling in the required parameters.

On, management education takes centre space. It is the first subject stream featured on the site as well as the one with maximum related write-ups. Under management, the site has search options to find colleges that offer full-time MBA courses, part-time courses, distance programmes, executive MBA and online MBA. Readers can further streamline their search as per choice of subject stream, location of the institute and duration of the course. Each college page comes with general information and an overview of the institute with course description, contact details, salary statistics, placements, alumni opinion, photos, videos, partner institutes, infrastructure details, fee, eligibility criteria, ranking, awards and best features about the institute.

Aspiring MBA students can also apply to institutes via’s common admission form. The site has entered into a tie-up with 14 Indian management schools that accept application forms submitted on the site. Go to the last icon on the homepage titled “application forms” for more information about how this works.

If students of other subject specialisations are feeling left out then don’t stop reading yet. offers study options for students of engineering, medicine, information technology, art, law, language, teaching, retail, finance, media, beauty, animation and hospitality. Here again the search options can be further refined as per ranking, popularity, fees, duration and location. Students can compare colleges to get a better understanding of their final choice of institute.

Study abroad is no longer a distant possibility for Indians today. has compiled country specific profiles of institutes to make foreign education routes more accessible to Indian students. Their study abroad section features institute profiles from South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Far East, New Zealand and Africa. Related articles highlight various aspects of foreign education. For instance, read about top ranked universities, new courses, career specific skills and visa rules.

Surfing for courses is easier than securing admission because unless you clear the required eligibility criteria or pass mandatory tests your desire to get into the right college can remain only a dream. Test preparation section on the site makes student’s life easier with a listing of area and subject wise coaching centres.

To connect with experts and compare notes with other students, head to shiksha café. The café atmosphere is maintained with the online exchange of ideas in the discussion forums where queries are answered by experts and students. Look out for new courses, admission alerts and college event info in the announcements section here. For regular shiksha café updates, follow its page on Facebook.

The site does a commendable job of giving access to an exhaustive list of colleges and courses. It goes a step further by letting students compare colleges as well as get an e-brochure from the institute. With details about campus salary, facilities and alumni views, students get a general understanding about their future study routes. Although a new visitor can easily get distracted and annoyed by the numerous links and ads on the site on the whole it maintains a youthful look to suit its young readership.

But look deeper and the chinks appear in’s armour. There is irregularity in the number of sections displayed in some colleges. While some college profiles cover several aspects of the institute many others have a short basic profile. There are also very few study options listed in smaller cities.

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A portal that provides information about colleges, courses, scholarships and admission notifications


There is irregularity in the number of sections displayed in some colleges. While some college profiles cover several aspects of the institute many others have a short basic profile


Tessy Koshy