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Tuesday , January 15 , 2013
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In Mainak Bhaumik’s Maach Mishti & more they play Reena and Rahul, a couple on the edge. but when t2 took Swastika and Shauvik on a trip to new market and rajarhat, on a chilly january morning, they were a couple just out to have fun. from hopping on to mainak’s rickshaw to puchu-ing around!

DRIVING MISS SWASTIKA: Mainak Bhaumik turned rickshaw-puller to take Swastika Mukherjee and Shauvik on a ride through New Market! “Mainak phele dish na amader (Don’t let us fall),” screamed Swastika. Shauvik was more relaxed as he told his Maach Mishti & More wife, “Don’t worry, he’s doing just fine.”

Mainak was quick to give his out-of-the-box experience a filmi twist. “I had always wanted to make a documentary on the rickshaw-pullers of Calcutta. And, like always, Swastika came to my help. She insisted that I pull the rickshaw and I did. I think now I will make the documentary on the rickshaw!” said Mainak, whose MM&M drew packed houses over the weekend.

TRAFFIC STOPPER! Guess what the drivers of the cars whizzing down the Rajarhat flyover told Swastika? “Morben naki (do you want to die)?!”.

“I thought this would be the last photoshoot of my life! Speeding cars passed me by even as I tried to pose and I could almost hear my heart beating faster and faster! Some of the drivers thought we were mad, a few of course recognised me and stopped, only to speed away when we screamed at them that they were spoiling our shoot! Also, it was very breezy and cold; I was shivering. What a shoot! But it’s an experience I will never forget — anything for t2!” laughed Swastika.

HEELLPP! If Swastika egged Mainak on to pull a rickshaw, it was Shauvik’s idea that they both hop on to it! And he almost made Swastika jump off in panic as he shouted out loud when Mainak deliberately dropped the rickshaw handles for a micro-second!


“I heart this bag,” said Swastika, picking up a cloth bag from a roadside Sudder Street shop. “Let’s see how it looks on Puchu (that’s what Reena keeps calling her hubby in Maach Mishti...)! “Don’t call me Puchu, I hate it!” retorted Shauvik. “But why? It’s so cute,” laughed Swastika. “I forget what my name is in Maach Mishti.... (Rahul, suggests t2) Yes, Rahul is much better.” “No Puchu, you are my Puchu!” Swastika laughed out loud!

NECKING AROUND! At a junk jewellery shop, Shauvik insisted on buying Swastika a beaded neckpiece. “Why can’t you find something a little more interesting?” demanded his ‘wife’.

RIGHT BITE! “You have to have a bite of this yummy Dahi Chaat, Puchu!” said Swastika. “No, this will put me to bed with dysentery!” retorted Shauvik. “You are missing out on life, dude!” declared Swastika. Minutes after that, a passerby asked her, “Are you Swastika?” “Na toh!” was the actress’s prompt reply. LOL!