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Thursday , January 10 , 2013
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Weak link

Identifying one’s strengths, talents and abilities can be a real morale booster. It feels great to list one’s achievements and try and formulate a career plan on the basis of that. Thus when students come to my office and fill in the worksheet on their “success stories”, I can feel a surge of confidence going through them. I think this is fantastic because feeling a sense of accomplishment is the bedrock of further achievement. When you perform really well in a subject you are motivated to work harder and achieve even more.

Skill deficit:

But sometimes you may feel that despite putting in hard work you are not able to achieve the desired result. The reason for this is that you lack the necessary skills to achieve the maximum possible. For example, you may be good at understanding the concepts in science but when it comes to solving numerical problems you begin to stumble. Or, you maybe capable of solving difficult problems but lack adequate speed to crack the Common Admission Test, the sin qua non for admission to top management institutes. Even though most students have the necessary understanding and ability but due to one weakness they cannot achieve the goal they have set for themselves. These students would have to work upon their problem-solving ability to eventually achieve what they truly deserve.

Achilles’ heel:

If we think about our past and our failures honestly I am sure each one of us can identify one weakness in our arsenal that is letting us down. This Achilles’ heel prevents us from achieving our full potential. If we are motivated to succeed in our lives then identifying our various weaknesses and building upon them can help us walk on the path of success.

Strengths and weakness:

Identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses is a vital aspect of one’s career planning. Every coin has two sides. A review of one’s performance is a vital part of any individual’s growth. Even acknowledging your weakness is half the battle won. Once you know about your problems you can think about ways of overcoming them.

By no means do I wish to imply that each one of us needs to be perfect. But if your lack of ability to meet deadlines is making you loose grades in the internal assessment then needless to say you need to work on your time management skills.

Once you have identified your limitations, take time to assess if you need help in overcoming them. In some cases, raising the right questions in class can enable you to get that extra help.

But if you need more help, don’t hesitate. Being focused and disciplined will eventually help you win the battle in life.

Summer earnings:

Practice makes people perfect. Some of us don’t have a talent for a particular skill but if we practice it often then there is a good chance we can become reasonably good at it. Continuous practice is one of the keys to improving any skill.

Maintaining a positive attitude and believing in yourself will help you remain focused on your goal. Self-doubt is the biggest reason for failure. If you think you can achieve it then you will surely do so.

Think of your weaknesses as little leaks in your pitcher of strengths in life and if you go about fixing those you can eventually see yourself accomplishing your goal.

Fix it:

1. Identify your weakness

2. If you need to acquire new skills then seek help from books, tutors and friends

3. Develop a plan to practise the new skill

4. Stay focused and maintain a positive attitude

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