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Beware of ghosts

Sir — Sandip Ray is trying his best to make films out of the Feluda stories of Satyajit Ray. But he fails to ignite the audience’s imagination. There is no magic in his movies. However, his Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy is praiseworthy. Sandip Ray had succeeded this time not only in interweaving three stories seamlessly but has also come up with a background score that fits the movie like a glove. The music will make the audience’s heart skip a few beats as the ghostly protagonist drags them to the world of shades.

Yours faithfully,
Arka Bhattacharya, Calcutta

Flying faith

Sir — Now it is the responsibility of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati to wash away the sins of the humble son, Vijay Mallya (“Mallya’s Tirupati gold”, Dec 18). Mallya could have paid up the employees of his Kingfisher Airlines instead of offering three kilograms of gold to the deity. If he needed to do something charitable, he could have adopted villages or provided for the education of disadvantaged children. He could also have made a resolution to stop making liquor as many families have already been ruined by alcohol. It would take decades for people like Mallya to understand that serving mankind is serving god.

It is equally unseemly for a temple to accept offerings from a businessman who has made money by selling liquor and ruining thousands. India should make laws to confiscate the wealth accumulated in temples and in other places of worship. That money should be used for feeding the poor and educating them.

Yours faithfully,
K.A. Solaman, Alappuzha, Kerala

Troubled travel

Sir — Daily commuters going northward from Howrah station via the Sheoraphuli ferry ghat to the Barrackpore railway station are facing a regular problem. Everyday, from around 9 pm, buses become scarce and only one or two autorickshaws remain. The last bus on route 81 from the ferry ghat leaves Manirampur bus stand at 9 pm.

Taking advantage of the situation, rickshaw pullers demand Rs 50 per passenger while the actual fare is about Rs 25. People are thus forced to pay an exorbitant amount. Passengers who arrive with heavy luggage suffer the most.

Yours faithfully,
Nirmalendu Bhowmick,


Sir — The decision of the South Eastern Railway to have only four coaches reserved for ladies in the Matribhumi Ladies Special trains in the Howrah-Kharagpur section is a step in the right direction. Every year, many passengers die after falling from overcrowded local trains. Eastern Railway cannot justify two special trains for ladies in the Sealdah-Ranaghat section that run with barely 500 passengers. Every local train has to carry 7,000-8,000 passengers daily during the peak hours. Eastern Railway would be advised to follow in the footsteps of South Eastern Railway.

Yours faithfully,
Kishore Paul Chowdhury, Kalyani


In the review, “The state of the art in world theatre” (Dec 29), the term, “Surtitles”, had been mistakenly changed to “Subtitles”. The error is regretted.

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