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Monday , December 24 , 2012
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Windows 7 glitch

q+a I have installed Windows 7 on my computer. But when I try to view animated .gif files it opens in Windows Photo Viewer and the image does not move at all. How can I overcome this?

Somnath Pramanick

You will need to change the file associations. By default it is set to work with Photo Viewer or some other installed application. Go to Control Panel—Default Programs—Associate a file or protocol with a program. Next scroll down to .gif, highlight it and press the Change Program button. Select Internet Explorer or the browser of your choice by clicking the Browse button. Navigate to Program Files and select the folder where your Internet browser’s .exe file is located.

Crash clue

q+a While I was typing on my computer it suddenly went blank and showed the “blue screen of death” with the message: DRIVER_IRQL_ NOT_ LESS_OR_EQUAL. Please help me resolve this problem.

Biswadeep Goswami

Most people when they see the blue screen of death that some piece of hardware has failed. But it is often related to the malfunctioning of certain device drivers. It could be related to your sound card, network adaptor, such as your modem driver, or any other hardware. To get to the bottom of it you need a program called WhoCrashed. This software neatly summarises what happened when your computer went down, including specific information on exactly what piece of hardware, software, or driver caused the crash. After that all you need to do is update the driver or, in the worst case, replace that particular hardware. Download this program from /whocrashed.

Wanted: antivirus

q+a I want to buy antivirus for my desktop and laptop. Please suggest which one I should buy.

Rishabh Agarwal

If your Windows is genuine get Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free download. If it is pirated I would strongly suggest that you get a genuine version of the operating system. Another option would be to download the free version of AVG from My personal favourite is Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. It now protects you from viruses too in addition to malware.

Locked phone

q+a I am planning to get an iPhone 5 from the US. Will it work in India and on which network?

Nikhil Jha

Many people shop for an iPhone 5 abroad only to find that it is locked to a certain network and does not work here. The iPhone 5 comes in two versions that support two different LTE (or 4G) frequencies for faster Internet. One supports the channels used in the US and the other in Europe and Asia. In the US they will not sell you the version that will work in Asia.

So if you buy the phone in the US you will be stuck forever with 3G connectivity. The extended warranty, called AppleCare, will not be valid in India, too. Despite this, if you are still intent on getting the iPhone 5 abroad make sure it is factory unlocked.

iTunes credit

q+a I created an Apple Account via the website but when I fire up iTunes and try to sign in it says I haven’t used it with iTunes Store yet and then takes me to a screen that gives the option to enter credit card details. How can I sign into iTunes without a credit card?

Daryll Swar

There is a trick for this. Open iTunes and try to download a free app without signing in. It will ask you to create an Apple ID. Create one. The wizard will then ask you to enter your credit card details, and, in addition, you will also be given an option of ‘None’ if you do not want to use a card. Select this and you are through. You can now download any number of free apps you want without parting with your credit card details. Make sure your iTunes is updated to version 11.0.1.

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